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Brian’s diverse experience and unique perspectives combine with his pleasant and personal manner to engage audiences on many levels. From his days as an Air Force squadron commander to his long career as a business journalist, commentator and public speaker, Brian’s approach to speaking and presentation is thought-provoking, inspirational and creative.

“The Technology Tornado: Media & Communications in the Modern Era”

See highlights from Brian’s recent Ernst & Young “Continuing Education Conference” speech and hear directly from conference attendees.

Phoenix Convention Center
August 28th, 2019

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Current Speech Topics

Artificial Intelligence

Friend or Foe? While some experts predict doom and gloom for jobs and the economy, others say it’s the savior of civilization. Who is right?


If you are not following technology news on a daily basis to stay ahead, you most certainly will fall behind.


My father worked at one company for thirty years. Now the average college grad will change jobs a dozen times and careers at least twice.


More Americans work for the government than in manufacturing, farming, fishing, forestry, mining and utilities combined.



Fact or fiction in the news business means you are now your own editor in chief, separating “fake news” from “real journalism”.



The art of communicating has a rich history of innovation. Today, social and the web are driving this vital industry into a future rife with opportunity.

Sample Speech Topics

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe

This is the most talked about and debated subject in Silicon Valley. Some predict doom and gloom for jobs and the economy. Others say it’s the savior of civilization. Who is right and what it means for you? Will the rise of robots put you on the scrapheap?

How The Media Shapes Events And What That Means To You

Social media and the internet have upended the entire media industry. The traditional advertising model is forever changed. How you communicate to survive in this new and noisy environment will dictate your business success. And the fierce debate raging about “fake news” versus “legitimate journalism” will fuel political and economic rhetoric for years to come.

How We Communicate In The Internet Age

The ability to communicate is one of the greatest assets every business person must have in order to succeed in an age where we are bombarded with information, sales pitches, “fake news”, tweets, Facebook feeds, LinkedIn posts, etc. How can you make your “elevator speech” stand out in our 30 second world? And millennial’s short attention spans make their ability to communicate effectively a challenge.

The Promises And Perils Facing World Economies In The Coming Decade

The United States is in threat of losing its place as the world’s leading economy. China, India and the European Union are but three regions challenging US supremacy. The very real and continuing threat of nationalist uprisings in Spain and northern Italy are precursors to political and economic upheaval worldwide. Brexit may just be the start.

From The Field: Great Leader Stories

From interviewing the communist candidate for President of Russia to covering Donald Trump to commuting to Washington to cover the Clinton impeachment hearings, it has been a wild forty year long ride filled with outsized personalities, huge egos, and saints and sinners in the world of business and politics.

Questions, Answers, and Analysis

Brian’s vast experience as a professional journalist gives him unique abilities to bring out the best in any guest. In an on-stage “Question, Answer & Analysis” session, Brian will interact with your executives, creative thinkers and newsmakers to evoke deep insights that engage and excite your audience.

Brian’s personal manner and seasoned interviewing skills put even the most nervous guest at ease. His involvement makes for an outstanding and memorable event that is fresh, spontaneous and thought-provoking. It’s a great way to open up a meeting or presentation in a way that offers real value and leaves audiences more prepared to face their own professional challenges.

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