Political Compromise: A Dying Art

Two-term California Republican Governor George Deukmejian, who died of natural causes, marks the passing of yet another of “the old guard”—those seasoned political veterans who knew that reaching across the aisle was the best way to move our country forward.

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6 Ways AI Is Upending Real Estate Business

AI is radically transforming one of the world’s biggest businesses, and millions could lose their coveted jobs. Those who embrace the shift could reap huge rewards. Whether you’re a broker, investor, builder, retailer, or a homebuyer/seller, here are 6 tips to help you come out on top in a changing market.

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In Defense Of Airlines

Let’s have some empathy for the thousands of dedicated airline workers getting trashed by spoiled self-centered passengers. It sounds trite, but try walking (or flying) in their shoes.

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