Let’s Retire The Word Retirement

Maybe it’s time to push that “set in stone” retirement age of 65 back at least 10 years, or just get rid of the word “retirement” entirely. After all, medical professionals diagnose 60 as the new 50…

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A Holiday Story

On a sunny but chilly Friday morning just before Thanksgiving I got the call you hope never to receive. This is a story of family, France, socialized healthcare, and travel insurance…

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The Amazon of Stocks

Amazon’s stock price just hit yet another all-time high, giving me a new low in my ability to win on Wall Street. To help drive my fragile ego even lower, some analysts are predicting another 20% upside this engine of growth.

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An Empty Stage After Steve Jobs

Apple will certainly miss its creator. Steve Jobs will also be sadly missed by his devoted family members, friends, stockholders and consumers who were so profoundly touched by this visionary in so many ways.

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Facebook Finding Families

Love it or hate it, social media has changed the way we live. Facebook and Twitter or LinkedIn and YouTube, now help us connect to millions of other social media users and often band together for a greater good. By example, Twitter has helped millions of victims...

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Lady Golfers in the Spotlight

Today marked the final round of the year’s biggest professional tournament for female golfers, the United States Women’s Open. And in typical fashion, it was a dramatic ending, with a come-from-behind victory by Eun-Hee Ji of South Korea…

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The End of A Broadcasting Era

In this new media world order where pontificating pundits crowd the airwaves and news is more entertainment than substance, one local television news anchor has managed to buck the national trend. Unfortunately for viewers in the San Francisco bay area…

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