Imposter Syndrome

by | Sep 15, 2022

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You might like working from home, but does it like you? I’m Brian Banmiller on Business.

Ever heard of imposter syndrome? It’s a feeling that you are not qualified for the job you are performing and the fear that someday people will find out. According to Fast Company, 70% of the population has suffered from imposter syndrome at least once. And it impacts everyone; Tom Hanks, Serena Williams and Sheryl Sandberg have all reported feeling it. And according to Fast Company, working from home can make the feeling worse. Turns out without the body language and communication from others, self-limiting thoughts take over. So, how can you fight back? Work on clear, kind communication. 91% of office workers say that their digital messages have been misinterpreted. If you have a question, just ask it, and be prepared to further explain any feedback you’re giving. Try and get together with your coworkers in person. Have a working lunch, schedule a day for everyone to come to the office or meet up outside of work. And even if you don’t suffer from imposter syndrome, remember that your colleagues might. Brian Banmiller, CBS News.

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