Saying I’m Sorry

by | May 19, 2018

Saying I’m SorryWe all make mistakes but you better not apologize for it.

According to industry experts, the phrase, “I’m sorry” is overused and under-appreciated. So much so that people consider it insincere instead of apologetic and your good intentions are becoming background noise. And the last thing you want to be at work is background noise, especially when taking responsibility for something that went wrong.

Now linguistics experts are saying if you made a mistake take ownership, but maybe in a different way. To help you out the career advice site has a list of ways you can say sorry without actually saying you’re sorry.

Experts say an apology is meant to be a launchpad for a more meaningful conversation and if done right can help advance your career. So try expressing what you did, what you see happened and what you will do next time; or instead of apologizing thank the person for pointing out what went wrong.

For more ways to apologize, check out the full article on Maybe you can benefit from your mistake.

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