Travel Expectations

by | Oct 16, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

Travel ExpectationsMost people have a bucket list of the places in the world they want to go. But what happens when you get there, and the bucket is a little empty? Some of the most famous places in the world are must go destinations for travelers, unfortunately they can also be the biggest let downs. So to help you manage your expectations MSN Lifestyle has put together a list of the most epic travel fails to prepare for. For example, the Great Wall of China. The 2,000 year old wall stretches for 13,000 miles and was built to protect the country’s northern border. But if you’re expecting to aimlessly wander down a deserted path through the countryside think again. In reality you’ll be crammed onto the wall with hundreds of other tourists. Then there’s India’s Taj Mahal. Most pictures have the pristine building set against a bright blue sky, but in reality the winter fog or the summer smog often make the building hard to see. To compare and contrast travel brochure pictures and the real thing click the link below. Reality bites.Link:ξTravel Fails

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