The Apple ChimeWhen Apple’s new MacBook Pro hits the market, the upgraded version is going to be missing something you might not have even noticed. Do you remember what happens when you open up an older version of the MacBook Pro? Depending on your love for Apple you might know that the answer to that question is that the iconic Apple chime sounds. But this time around the Silicon Valley powerhouse has decided to do away with the F-sharp chord. Instead the new MacBook Pro will quietly turn itself on and power up when you open it. The power button will still need to be used when you want to turn the computer off. The company says this will put a stop to your laptop powering up and blaring out a noise when you are in a public place or in a meeting. This also puts the new MacBook in line with Apple’s more well-known roll outs. You may also have noticed that there is no Apple start up noise on any of your iPhones, iPods and new Apple watches. Probably because, no introduction is necessary.