Sign Spinning ChampionshipEver see those people on the corner spinning a sign; turns out their time might be worth more than minimum wage. Last week more than 100 of the best sign spinners competed in Las Vegas for the title of world sign spinning champion. In multiple heats, with music blasting, competitors wowed the crowd with skills that included twirling a five pound sign with one hand, twirling while taking off a jacket and twirling while holding a handstand. Clint Hartman is a sign spinner from Oregon. He says he thought this would be a temporary job but has now been spinning for more than twelve years. And when he’s not on the corner bringing in the customers he is teaching his moves to other people at least once a week. All of the sign spinners competing in Vegas work for the Los Angeles based company Aarow INC. This year the winner of the competition was Jose Angeles of San Francisco. Along with the title of top spinner, he also took home the grand prize of $5,000. Not a bad bonus for a weekend of work.