Marijuana For Your Skin

by | Sep 9, 2016 | CBS Radio Report

Marijuana For Your SkinA Colorado company is cashing in on the state’s new marijuana law; and business is smoking.

CBD Care Garden makes a list of skin care products that includes moisturizer, lotion and anti-wrinkle cream. But since marijuana is now legal in the state of Colorado, their secret ingredient is out and yes you guessed it, its cannabis.

Unlike its cousin THC cannabis will not make you high but the product appears to be doing good things for people’s skin. The company says the products are all natural and organic plus everything is made in Colorado. The company says before marijuana was legalized the subject was taboo but now everyone is trying to cash in and they are trying to stay ahead of the game. And it looks like their efforts are paying off. CBD Care Garden has been asked to be one of 26 products featured in the VIP gift bags given to all of the nominees at this year’s Emmy awards.

For more information on online orders click the link below. And they say drugs are bad for you.

Link: CBD Care Garden

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