March MadnessIts March madness and things are getting a little well, mad. It’s that time of year, the games are being played, the brackets are being filled out and the mood around the office depends on the final score. This year about 70 million people are expected to fill out a bracket. And if anyone is lucky enough to fill it out perfectly, billionaire Warren Buffett has already promised them a hefty $1 billion payout. This is also the time of year when work productivity might drop a bit. According to Cnet there is a 12% chance that someone in one of your meetings over the next couple weeks is closely watching a game on their phone. And Wallet Hub says that corporate losses due to March madness is expected to hit $4 billion this year. A number that has 36% percent of bosses announcing that the office is no place for such nonsense and are forbidding anyone from participating on work time. Unfortunately the odds are that are pretty much the same of Warren Buffett actually having to pay up on his promise.