Hollywood Magic

by | Sep 27, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

Hollywood MagicMany people go to the movies to escape reality; but for some the movies is their reality. Š—“Captain Philips,” Š—“Troy” and Š—“Gladiator” are examples of movies shot in the Mediterranean island of Malta. One of the more popular movies filmed there is Š—“Count of Monte Cristo” which has inspired boat captains to take tourists to some of the locations in the movie. When I was there I spoke with Frankie Magro, general manager of Barbarossa Excursions about the appeal of the island. Š—“They have good offer by the government, good rebates and so on but the island itself has so many sides that you want to film a prehistoric film you’ve got the site. The same rocks as they were millions of years ago. If you want to film medieval times you’ve got the medieval for example Count of Monte Cristo they filmed the Marseille harbor in our harbor and it was perfect job so much so that they did twofers for TV series and the cinema and they used the same setting and it was marvelous.” Sometimes the magic of Hollywood is not magic after all.

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