Healthy School LunchesIt looks like the menu at your child’s school might be changing, again. There’s a new chef in the kitchen and it looks like a few elements of Michelle Obama’s healthy eating initiative aren’t making the cut. Earlier this week President Trump’s Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced a new rule that would provide regulatory flexibility to schools without specifying what the exact changes would be. Nevertheless the School Nutrition Association is applauding the roll back. It says many of the regulations put in place by the former first lady are unworkable because it’s hard to make foods high in whole grains and low in sodium that children will actually eat. The association is also pushing for more flexibility in rules about fruits and vegetables saying they mostly get thrown away and wasted. The association regularly clashed with Michelle Obama who began rolling out the new regulations in 2012 as part of her Š—“Let’s Move” campaign. The association also argued that children need to eat healthy at home to develop better habits. School is where they go to trade their carrot sticks for their friend’s Cheetos.