Giving Back the GreenA golf legend is gone, but long lived for the good of the game. Sandy Tatum is revered in golf circles for a lifetime dedicated to the betterment of golf. He was the first American Rhodes Scholar to play at Oxford, then succeeded as a corporate attorney in Silicon Valley. But when not doing business deals, he was promoting the game he loved, serving as President of the U.S. Golf Association and raising money to renovate public courses. When I interviewed Tatum in 2011 he was recovering from an operation on his vocal cords that left him with a raspy voice, but he still played three times a week. “The basic motivation was my very, very deep understanding of how much golf has meant to my life. I think it’s a life extender, it’s a life enhancer and it is an absolutely priceless recreational resource.” It certainly was a life extender for Tatum. Sandy died last week at the age of 96. Asked about his charity work, he said he wanted to give back by using the one sport that’s given him so much.