Drone RegulationsNow that the FAA has set the rules for drones; the race is on to get them in the air. Recently the FAA released a list of drone regulations that included a weight limit of 55 pounds, it may not fly over people not involved in the operations and it has to remain in sight of the person operating it. A lot of companies have an issue with that last one, so they’re trying for a waiver that allows them to operate out of sight. To do that they are performing test flights and compiling data to show the FAA that it can be done safely. Unfortunately the work is slow going. Companies such as USPS admit that the process could be sped up if companies shared their information with each other but the competition is too fierce. Everyone wants to be the first to obtain a waiver and start drone deliveries without helping out the other guys. The Obama administration says the drone industry could generate $82 billion for the economy by 2025. Just as soon as they take off.