Amazon's EmpireAmazon is speeding up your next trip to the grocery store by taking away the checkout line. Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer is opening up a corner store where people can come in, pick up what they need and walk right back out again. Instead of waiting in line to pay their purchases will be automatically billed to their Amazon Prime account. As they shop tiny sensors will record what they pick up and take to tally up what they owe. The first store is set to open in Seattle early next year and there is word that the company will expand that to 2,000 of the stores across the country. The store will be about 1,800 square feet and will feature most common food staples. This follows the company’s successful grocery delivery service and the launch of an Amazon bookstore also in its Seattle based hometown. More bookstores are scheduled to open in San Diego, New York, Portland and Chicago. In a time where most brick and mortar stores are closing down due to the internet, Amazon seems to be conquering both.