The Swastika

by | Aug 10, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

The SwastikaA t-shirt company tried to rewrite history to make a little money but customers weren’t buying.

Recently the online clothing retailer Teespring pulled shirts made by KA Design that feature swastikas. For centuries the swastika was a positive icon in the Buddhist and Hindu religions. Then during WWII it became the symbol of the Nazi party. Today the swastika is banned in Germany and considered a symbol of hate in America.

KA Design said it wanted to detach the hatred associated with it with designs showing a swastika on a rainbow background with the word peace below it. Another spells out the word love with a rainbow background and the Š—“o” has been replaced with a swastika.

But customers were quick to complain saying Š—“please do not buy this disturbing product. You cannot erase the evil this symbol embodies.” Now the shirts have been pulled and Teespring is issuing an apology saying it will add more filters to prevent controversial designs from making it on the site. It seems not all publicity is good publicity.

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