The American Dream

by | Aug 4, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

The American DreamHere at home health care, retirement and vacation time are offered up as perks to lure in qualified people; but in other parts of the world they’re a guaranteed benefit.

In the U.S. our typical work week is 40 hours Monday through Friday. In the Netherlands its four days and around 29 hours and in Denmark employees are clocking in about 33 hours a week. When it comes to starting a family America is one of just nine countries in the world that require no paid maternity leave.

On the other hand every country in the European Union is required to offer at least 14 weeks or paid leave. In Great Britain new mothers get a full year and in Bulgaria mothers are given more than 400 days of maternity leave at close to their full salary. It might be called the American dream, but it seems there’s some people are getting a lot more rest than we are.

Link: International Work Benefits

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