Memorable Accommodations

by | Nov 18, 2017

Memorable Accommodations

Preparing for your next big trip; why not kick the accommodations up a notch?

AirBNB has become the go to site for people looking to get away. And while the company’s prices tend to be lower than most hotels that doesn’t mean you are getting less bang for your buck. According to the website Refinery29, AirBNB also has access to some of the most mind blowing accommodations available.

For example for $78 a night you can stay in an indoor forest in Melbourne, Australia. You will never know you are staying right in the middle of a big city while surrounded by an indoor forest complete with house plants and climbing vines.

Or what about an Italian castle at a cost of $400 a night? The restored 14th century palazzo comes with a heated pool in a cave and over 300 bottles of fine wine available for purchase. Also ready for guests; a sheep wagon, treehouse and train caboose.

To check them out for yourself click the link below. Now you just need to pick one.

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