First Amendment TweetsThere’s a first amendment war brewing around Twitter and the most powerful tweeter of the free world is right in the middle of it. In the month following inauguration day Twitter shares rose 13%. In part, analysts say to the president’s daily habit of sharing his every thought in 140 characters or less. Considered the modern day version of President Franklin Roosevelt’s fireside chats, Mr. Trump’s Twitter feed has an audience numbering in the millions. However it seems not everyone is welcome. Twitter users are coming together saying that the president is violating their first amendment rights by blocking them after they made some unsavory comments on his Twitter page. Lawyers for two of them have gone so far as to send formal letters to the white house demanding that their clients are unblocked from the @realdonaldtrump account. The lawyers argue that even though Mr. Trump started his account as a private citizen his use of it to discuss policy and government decisions has made it a public forum. The white house has yet to respond, on any platform.
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