Fashion ForwardThere’s a new pair of mom jeans on the market and they’re giving people a whole new view of you. The British retailer Top Shop has put a new style of jeans on the market and they’re getting a lot of attention with customers. The high waisted, capri length all cotton pant features large cut outs where your knees are, then those cut outs are covered with clear plastic. The pants are selling for $95 at a number of high end retailers including Nordstrom. And reaction is mixed. On Nordstrom’s website people who bought the pants say they love them, they’re a great fit and that all their friends have picked up a pair. But people on twitter are singing a different tune. On the social media site the pants are being called a dark time for fashion. And this isn’t the only experiment from top shop. They also have jeans with mesh cutouts or ones with an attached skirt. Sometimes fashion forward might be a bad move.
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