Fake NewsDuring the presidential election Facebook came under fire for posting articles that might not have been completely accurate. Now the social media giant is working to restore its reputation. Back in December Facebook promised to roll out a disputed tag that users could click on stories they questioned. That tag would then link to fact checking services that would then explain why the story was not true. This week the disputed tags began appearing. One of the first stories flagged was about President Trump’s android device being the source of reported White House leaks. But if you click the disputed tag it explains that the source of the story is the Seattle Tribune which is a news and entertainment satire website. So if you’re raising your eyebrows at something you see on Facebook, simply click the upper right hand corner of a post. That article will then be sent to third party fact checking organizations. If the article or any of its content is discovered to be a lie the article will be marked as disputed. Who knew you couldn’t believe everything you read online?
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