Drunk Droning

by | Jan 23, 2018

Drunk DroningWith new technology comes new laws; and in New Jersey it’s now illegal to drink and drone.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a law making it illegal to fly an unmanned drone after a few too many drinks. As with driving, the law prohibits you from picking up the controller with a blood alcohol content above point eight percent, or if you’re on drugs.

Violators face up to six months in jail, a one thousand dollar fine or both. The same measure, passed earlier this month, also bans flying drones near prisons or in pursuit of wildlife. This law was among 109 bills Chris Christie signed on his last day as governor. His successor, Democrat Phil Murphy, was sworn in earlier this week.

And New Jersey might not be alone. At least 38 other states are considering restrictions on drone flying, some that include alcohol, and it comes as the skies are getting more crowded. Last year just over three million drones were sold in the U.S.

Although I do wonder how the cops will pull you over.

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