Amazon and Whole FoodsAmazon is getting into the grocery business and your next shopping list could be a lot more high tech. The online retail giant Amazon has announced its intention to buy the health food chain Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. Now, you can imagine a world where a drone delivers your organic sugar so you can whip up some treats for your child’s class or provide you with all the ingredients you need for dinner while Alexa reads you the recipe. Experts say when the deal first goes through the immediate changes people would notice could include whole foods products including prepackaged meals in the Amazon Fresh line up. This means that Amazon can now help you determine what you’re making for dinner. Inside the stores customers could see easier checkouts thanks to Amazon Go, Prime members could receive discounts and thanks to the financial boost more Whole Foods stores might be popping up. Amazon says it does not plan any job cuts as part of this deal but maybe this will drop store prices and Š—“whole paycheck” will become a bit more affordable.
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