Winter Olympics Ban

by | Dec 7, 2017

South Korea Winter OlympicsThe winter olympic games are just a month away and one country will not be getting anywhere near a medal.

The International Olympic Committee has banned russia from the 2018 games being held in South Korea. The decision is the result of an investigation into allegations of a state-sponsored doping program first discovered before the Summer Olympics in Brazil.

The decision bans all athletes from competing unless they can prove they are clean and the country’s flag will not be flown during opening ceremonies. If any athletes are cleared to compete they will do so while wearing a neutral uniform. If they win gold, instead of Russia’s national anthem being played viewers will hear the olympics anthem.

While clearing the playing field of athletes accused of using performance-enhancing drugs is a show of good faith by the olympic committee, it could hurt them in the end. Russia is a large part of the winter olympic viewing audience and losing them could mean losing sponsors.

Of course, not punishing Russia for the doping scandal could mean a similar loss of support.

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