Town for SaleLooking to invest in a little real estate? How about an entire town? If you’re looking to expand your personal empire consider the town of Tiller, Oregon. For $3.5 million you can own the town located about 200 miles south of Portland. And for an extra $350,000 they will throw in the old school as well. The current deal includes six houses, apartment, industrial and commercial lots and a building that once housed a general store and gas station. About 250 people live in the surrounding area but the town of Tiller itself has two residents, the pastor and a former teacher. The town became empty when federal money started being pulled from the local timber industry. Once the mill was shut down, everyone moved away. The family that owns the town now accumulated it lot by lot as people packed up and left. Now they’re looking to unload the land they say is a great opportunity for development. Interested parties include medical facilities and hemp growing operations. So what’s going to be your plan?