Touring ScotlandTourism is up for the country of kilts and bagpipes but it’s not just the scenery bringing people in. On a recent trip to Scotland I spoke with James Campbell, owner of a tour company. He says the country’s economy is doing well, thanks in part to a surge in American tourists. Š—“More Americans are coming to Scotland, because they feel it’s at the moment anyways a slightly safer place to travel to, they feel like they are welcomed with open arms, people are very friendly to them and they get great service.” But besides safety and kindness tourists are also heading there for a little personal history. Š—“People come here sometimes it’s just to see a village that maybe their ancestors were from or to trace the area of Scotland where their name comes from… more often than not they’ll go to a graveyard and look at some gravestones with the names on it.” Campbell says he has also taken people on tours of the country to find living relatives and trace their own travels from Scotland to America.