The Newest GadgetsThe consumer electronics show in Las Vegas is four months away; but companies across the pond are already giving us a sneak peek at what’s to come. The IFA, a preview of all the hot gadgets expected to hit the market just wrapped up in Europe and analysts say life is about to get even easier. For example a big item was smart refrigerators. One prototype runs Windows 10 and has apps so users can look up recipes, edit a shopping list or tune in their favorite radio station all on the door of the fridge. Another option has a door that doubles as a display for cooking shows. That way you can pull up your very own chef to talk you through whatever meal you may be whipping up. Sony is introducing a device that can respond to a simple gesture. It is an earpiece that reads your emails and text messages to you. You can respond by shaking your head yes or no and it will interpret the movement and respond with your answer. Forget strangers, soon you won’t be talking to anyone.