The Golden YearsEvery day we work towards retirement, but for some people the golden years need a little more color. Tony La Russa is a former baseball player and team manager currently serving as executive chief baseball analyst and advisor for Arizona Diamondbacks. He is also the co-founder of the bay area based Animal Rescue Foundation, and technically he’s retired. Š—“I just think it’s foolish unless you have something where you’re going to retire and get busy doing.” La Russa says while he has had a lot of success both pre and post retirement, he rode into the hall of fame on the coat tails of other successful people. Š—“The three places I was at there was always a really good owner, really good front office, player development scouting, and they give you players. So you’d win with a really good organization and then you and your staff you put guys in the position to win.” So despite World Series rings, national championships and finding homes for hundreds of animals La Russa is far from slowing down. Going out on top doesn’t always have to mean going out.