The Dripless Wine BottleIt’s being called the greatest scientific breakthrough of all time, and it all has to do with a wine bottle.

It never fails, pour a glass of wine and watch that last drop run down the bottle and onto your table. And unless you want to wrap the wine in a napkin or drink straight from the bottle the drip has been an unfortunate side effect of happy hour, until now.

Biophysicist Daniel Perlman from Brandeis University says after a handful of tests he has created the dripless wine bottle. He says after three years of extensive and often enjoyable testing he discovered that using a diamond cutting tool to cut a two-millimeter wide, one millimeter deep grove just below the lip of the wine bottle was the best solution. Now when wine droplets try to run back down the bottle they encounter the groove and it redirects the liquid back to the rest of the flow.

To see a video of how this works and the difference between bottles click the link below. And they thought sliced bread was a big deal.

Link: Dripless Wine Bottle