The Cost of Flying

by | Nov 14, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

The Cost of FlyingThink you got a good deal on your next flight, take a closer look.

Sometimes you’re shopping around for a plane ticket and you find a deal too good to be true. Then when you purchase it you notice the line extra fees has driven up the price. So what’s behind the extra cost? Here is a breakdown from Business Insider on what else you’re paying for besides a seat. Besides taxes you have a $4.50 charge for each airport that you land in. So on a roundtrip ticket with a layover each way, you’re looking at an extra $18. Then you have a segment tax to pay for each time the plane you’re on takes off and lands. This is usually just over $4 each time.

Next up is the September 11th security fee which goes towards paying the government for providing federal security services. Basically this means that standing in line and going through the security checkpoint costs you just over $5 per roundtrip. And we haven’t even gotten to baggage fees and an in-flight cocktail.

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