The Business of Fighting CrimeWalmart is taking the law into its own hands and its targeting shoplifters. The retail chain is hoping to stop its problem with shoplifters with a new program that requires little help from police. It’s called the restorative justice program and is currently being put into use in 1,500 stores across the country. Here’s how it works. Instead of calling the police on everyone caught pocketing a few items from store shelves, low risk or first time offenders are given a choice. Attend an anti-shoplifting class or end up in handcuffs. And it’s a win win for everyone. The culprit stays out of jail and they have to pay a fee to attend the course which means extra money for Walmart. And so far the plan seems to be working. Walmart is reporting a 35% reduction in calls to police officers where the program has been implemented. Plus the rate of repeat offenses is lower in people that take the course than those that slap on a pair of metal bracelets. Of course you also have to return what you stole.