Tesla Alcohol? Musk’s New Tequila Venture Is Heating Up

by | Oct 22, 2018

Tesla Alcohol? Musk’s New Tequila Venture Is Heating UpElon Musk is out as chairman of the board at tesla, and it looks like he might be drowning his sorrows in tequila.

On April Fools Day Tesla CEO Musk tweeted that the company had gone bankrupt and he had been found passed out on a model three surrounded by tequila bottles. But it turns out he might not have been joking after all.

Earlier this week the company officially filed an application with the U.S. patent and trademark office to trademark Tesla-quilla. The trademark is for a distilled agave liquor and a distilled blue agave liquor meaning the company could start producing both.

If Tesla does release its own brand of tequila, Musk will join a growing list of celebrities entering the alcohol sector. That includes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, The Backstreet Boys and Carlos Santana.

And trying something new could pay off. Recently actor George Clooney sold his brand of tequila, Casa Migos, for one billion dollars. According to the bureau of labor statistics, Americans spend about 1% of their gross annual income on alcohol.

So why not serve them up another option?

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