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by | Sep 6, 2018

Status SymbolsHaving trouble making friends? Take a look at what you’re wearing.

A new paper published in the journal “social psychological and personality science” found that status symbols can repel friends. This includes items such as designer clothes, expensive watches or jewelry and a nice car. In the study university students were asked which of two people they would talk to.

Participants were less willing to choose a New Jersey native interested in hiking and concerts when that person had a BMW than when they had a Honda.

However, there is a flip side. Those same expensive items that might cost you a beer buddy could gain you some valuable business contacts.

In another study, people were more likely to work with someone who drove a luxury car over someone who didn’t. They were also more likely to hire the person wearing a shirt with a brand name logo than the applicant with an off the rack shirt. A well cut suit increases your odds even more.

So take your pick, someone to grab a drink with, or a way to pay for that drink.

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