Starting OverFor years you work towards retirement, but maybe you need a plan B. Joe Bartley is an 89-year-old army veteran living in Britain. Recently he placed an ad asking for employment. The ad read Š—“senior citizen seeks employment, twenty plus hours per week. Still able to clean, light gardening and do it yourself.” The ad received so much attention that local media asked Bartley the reason behind it. He says his wife died two years ago and he now lives in a senior living center. He says he goes to the center’s community area but no one’s there and when he goes home he has no one to talk to. In short, Bartley is bored out of his mind. So, in response to the ad a local cafe took him up on his offer. The Cantina Kitchen and Bar announced that Bartley had come in to meet the staff and discuss job duties and they hired him on the spot. He was greeted at his first shift this past weekend with a round of applause and a whole new group of friends.