Secret SauceMcDonald’s secret sauce is no longer such a secret. For the first time, the golden arches is making bottles of its famous big mac sauce available in the U.S. Starting just a couple of days ago the fast food chain began offering up ten thousand bottles of the sauce at its restaurants and its social media pages. The company says the release is part of its campaign to continue to change expectations. It comes after the company released its new Grand Mac and Grand Mac Jr. burgers. Last year McDonald’s sold its first bottle of the big mac sauce on Ebay for more than $15,000. After that it sold smaller bottles of its secret recipe across Australia for just $0.50 each. This time around the bottles are free to anyone lucky enough to find a restaurant stocking them or snag one online. And before you think it’s just Thousand Island Dressing think again. The company says its big mac sauce is a classic combination of ingredients that is unique to the restaurant. Now all you have to do is figure it out.