Robotic Common SenseIf robots are poised to take over the world, one man is making sure they do it with a little common sense. When you were growing up your parents taught you things such as closing the front door behind you, not touching a hot plate or playing in traffic, you know common sense. Now a professor at UC Berkeley is working to make sure robots are raised with the same lessons. Professor Sergey Levine says machines don’t have the benefit of acquired knowledge through things such as school, parenting and social interactions. Instead people have to code in reactions to various scenarios with Š—“if you see this, do that” commands. But Professor Levine says there is a better way to do this. He says instead of telling the robots how to do something, tell it what to do. For example, cleaning the living room. The robot needs to understand that this means putting toys and loose items in the cabinet not picking up everything including the family pet and putting all of it in the cabinet. And just when you thought you were done raising kids.