Reese’s Thins: Will The New Peanut Butter Candy Be A Hit?

by | Nov 16, 2018

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Reese’s Thins: Will The New Peanut Butter Candy Be A Hit?There’s a new peanut butter cup coming to market; but customers aren’t biting.

It’s a Reese’s peanut butter cup 40% percent thinner than the original; and as of March 2019 “Reese’s Thins” will join the lineup of everyone’s favorite peanut butter cup.

Hershey’s says customers like the Reese’s in all shapes and sizes, but customers say this sounds like cruel and unusual punishment. The idea behind the bite sized candy is to appeal to people who want to treat themselves without overindulging.

Psychologists say it’s the same idea as people eating two or three slices of pizza with a diet coke, the diet coke makes them feel better, so eating a smaller piece of candy will make people feel like they’re not consuming as many calories as a regular sized piece.

Customers say just give them what they want. If they choose to indulge in something sweet they want the whole thing, not a fraction of it. Now they say they’ll either stack them to equal a full sized cup or eat the whole bag.

Either way they’re buying and hershey’s is happy.

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