Privacy ConcernsYou know your phone, computer and bank account are at danger of being hacked, but what about your child’s favorite new toy? A talking doll is being banned by German authorities because the software inside her could be hacked and personal data revealed. The doll is called Š—“Cayla” and the software inside her was created by U.S. company Genesis Toys. It allows the child to have conversations with the doll but officials say this could lead to privacy issues. Plus if your child likes to tell her doll personal information such as your phone number and address that could lead to identity theft and fraud. Researchers who examined the doll say during the testing process they were able to hack through several walls. They say the doll lacked any security features and parents who bought them should destroy them. But hacking into the software isn’t the biggest problem the doll face and its owners face. Researchers say besides listening in, people could use an unsecured blue tooth device and actually talk to the child playing with it. That sounds like a horror movie waiting to happen.