Monitoring Your DrinksNot sure when you’ve had a few too many? Now you can self-regulate why you self-medicate. Proof, is the latest wearable device from Milo Sensors that lets you know when you’re hitting your limit when it comes to the number of drinks you’ve had. The wristband features a disposable 12 hour cartridge that tracks your alcohol level by the amount of alcohol you sweat out. The device pairs with the Proof app and displays your current blood alcohol content and gives you the estimated time of when you might sober up. You can also set the device to alert you through vibrations when you have reached a pre-selected level of saturation. The creators of the device say proof should come in handy for people who don’t know their limit, struggle with moderation or are having trouble deciding if they’re able to safely drive home. The device is expected to be released sometime this year and will cost about $100. Not a bad option when you consider a DUI can run you around $10,000 and a little time in the drunk tank.