Monetary GoodwillIt’s the season of good cheer and for some people in Wyoming the feel good moments are coming in the form of a few bucks. 2016 hasn’t been the best year for a lot of people. In fact some would go so far as to call it one of the worst in history. From the Zika virus to Brexit to a never-ending presidential election the hits just kept coming. Add to that the deaths of people such as Prince and David Bowie and 2017 can’t come fast enough. Now police officers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming are trying to turn things around for the last couple weeks of the year. The county sheriff says anonymous donors have chipped in enough for deputy’s to give out $50 to $100 tips for good deeds. And the money could be given out for almost anything including being a good driver, an act of kindness or to someone who is simply down on their luck. The sheriff says the idea is to spread a little goodwill, but a few extra bucks in the bank doesn’t hurt either.