Breakfast Backfire: McDonald’s To Launch Revamped Breakfast Plan

by | Jan 20, 2019

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Breakfast Backfire: McDonald’s To Launch Revamped Breakfast PlanMcDonald’s is looking to boost sales by cooking up the best recipe for its breakfast menu.

Two years ago, the golden arches announced it would serve items on his breakfast menu all day long, and the idea was a hit with customers.

Unfortunately, it backfired for the company. First it meant less traffic in the morning because people knew they could get their fix all day long. Second this meant fewer sales in the afternoon because people were buying egg mcmuffins over big macs and the company makes more money on burgers.

Now McDonald’s wants to backtrack by creating new breakfast items that will only be offered at certain hours of the day. This includes donut sticks, similar to a popular item offered by Dunkin’ Donuts, coffee cakes and muffin tops.

They are also rolling out the Triple Breakfast Stack, a mix of sausage, bacon, egg and cheese and pushing a holistic breakfast of a sandwich and its popular coffee drinks.

No word on when this new plan will take off but for McDonald’s breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

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