Luggage AppWorried your baggage may or may not take off without you? There’s an app for that. Considering there is an app for almost anything it seems that one to track your baggage when you fly is pretty late to the party. But earlier this week Delta Airlines rolled out the first high tech way to make sure you aren’t stranded with nothing to wear. According to WLS TV in Chicago the new tracking system includes a chip that is embedded into your luggage tag and contains all your information. The chip will get scanned as your bag is loaded onto a conveyor belt. If the bag is on the wrong belt, the chip will trigger the belt to stop moving and alert the worker that something is wrong. Delta says the technology is worth about $50 million and is expected to drop the amount of bags lost by up to 20%. Passengers say being able to track where everything is will take a lot of the guess work out of checking or carrying on. Now if only it could pay the bag fee.