International IdeasEntrepreneurs are looking for a new home and they’ve set their sights on a surprising place. Paris, the home of art, history and wine is now becoming a popular location for people looking to launch the next big start-up or app. Earlier this month the doors opened on a new incubator called Station F. The Paris location is being billed as the world’s largest ecosystem for people looking to sharpen their skills and streamline their ideas. It will be a 336,000 square foot space that can help launch one thousand startups. The director of Station F says Paris is emerging as a popular choice for entrepreneurs because of the upheaval over the Brexit vote and the election of President Trump. While the company’s reputation for three hour lunches and a 35 hour work week might seem like the country does not take business seriously experts say the country’s laws and regulations help ideas develop. There has also been an increase in investment and tax directives aimed at entrepreneurs to help with research and development. It looks like Silicon Valley is going international.