Inflight Scrutiny

by | Dec 12, 2017

Inflight ScrutinyYou notice a lot of things when you board a plane, and you aren’t the only ones sizing things up.

Who you’re sitting next to, where the bathrooms are, how much leg room you have, all things you check out while getting on a flight. But as soon as you step through the door the flight attendants are doing the same to you.

According to a recent survey there are a number of things they look for as soon as you appear in their line of sight. Some like to keep an eye out for sick passengers, not only might you need more attention but if it’s anything worse than the common cold they might want to get you assistance while still on the ground.

They are also looking for people who might be drunk or on drugs. Depending on your level of sobriety you might not be allowed on the plane. Flight attendants are also looking for other airline employees or anyone who looks competent enough to help in an emergency.

So look sharp, the wrong impression could cost you the price of admission.

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