Hands-On Tech: Microchip Implants Usher Sweden Into The Future

by | Oct 25, 2018

Hands-On Tech: Microchip Implants Usher Sweden Into The FutureFrom cars to phones to clothes, technology is closer than ever, but for one country it’s getting under their skin.

People in Sweden are getting microchips inserted into their hands. The chips are designed to speed up their daily routines and make their lives more convenient by allowing access to their home, office and gym with a swipe of the wrist.

The chips can also be used to store emergency contact details, social media profiles or tickets to events or public transportation. Basically everything your cell phone can do, but in this case you won’t leave it at home.

The chip is similar to the size of a grain of rice, costs about $180, and is inserted into the skin just above your thumb.

The chip can also transfer information. For example if you’re at a networking event touching your wrist to someone’s smartphone will send your contact information.

Critics say there are privacy concerns but the chip’s creator says they’re difficult to hack since information is stored beneath the skin. I wonder how often you’ll need an upgrade?

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