Going ViralHave outrageous demands for a major company? Take to social media. These days there are no shortage of ways to get your point, question, message or comment to anyone or any corporation you’re trying to reach. Take the recent efforts of Nevada teenager Carter Wilkerson for example. On April 5th the 16-year-old tweeted Wendy’s asking how many re-tweets it would take to get free chicken nuggets for one year. The fast food chain replied 18 million to which Carter responded consider it done. Then he got to work tweeting the story with the message Š—“help me please.” And the ploy worked. His story quickly went viral and in just a couple weeks he was re-tweeted more than 3.4 million time, breaking the record of most re-tweets held by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. And while he didn’t meet the goal, Wendy’s has agreed to feed him free nuggets for a year and donate $1,000 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Social change still requires a good platform, but now you need a solid internet connection as well.