Forbidden Places

by | Aug 18, 2017 | CBS Radio Report

Forbidden PlacesNo one likes being told they can’t do something. But in some cases it just might save your life.

While most places on earth encourage the business from tourists there are a few locations where a select few will ever be welcome; and for good reason; maybe the climate is to extreme, the locals aren’t very friendly or maybe the wildlife will kill you.

Either way to keep you on the right track when planning your next vacation, Mother Nature Network has a list of the 13 places on the planet that forbid visitors. First up is Snake Island, Brazil. And if the name alone isn’t answer enough, the tiny island is home to four thousand deadly snakes including the Golden Lancehead whose venom will kill you in an hour. Also on the list; the Vatican’s secret archives. Guarded by the Swiss guards the archives houses historical documents and correspondence between the pope and people such as Queen Elizabeth I, Michelango and Hitler.

For other off limit locations click the link below. Besides I hear Italy is wonderful this time of year.

Link: Forbidden Places

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