Fake Tongue Can Determine Booze Quality With 99% Accuracy

by | Aug 11, 2019

Fake Tongue Can Determine Booze Quality With 99% AccuracyThink your favorite drink tastes funny? There’s a fake tongue for that.

Scientists at the University of Glasgow in Scotland have come up with an artificial tongue for whiskey tasting. They say it can tell the difference between the same brand, aged in different barrels, with more than ninety nine percent accuracy.

It can also determine whether a whiskey is twelve, fifteen or eighteen years old. It works by pouring the whiskey over a checkerboard pattern of gold and aluminium. These act as “taste buds” and researchers measure how they absorb light while submerged. The slight changes of color are used to build a profile of the whiskey being tested.

In addition to telling you exactly what you’re drinking it can also tell if what you’re drinking is fake. During the testing the artificial tongue found several large expensive bottles of whiskey were fake. Had those bottles been real they would have been worth almost eight hundred thousand dollars.

And the fake tongue tests more than alcohol. It can do food safety testing and quality control; and the fake tongue won’t get food poisoning.

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