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by | Jan 7, 2019

Employee InspirationAccording to a recent survey there is one thing that will get employees to work harder, and every company can do it.

The business magazine Inc recently surveyed 400,000 working Americans to find out what inspires them to put in a little extra work at the office. And it wasn’t a bonus, more pay or vacation time; instead it was how the company handles promotions.

The survey found when promotions are handled effectively, employees are two times more likely to put in extra effort. And more than five times as likely to agree that management acts with integrity. So if management only promotes their friends, employees see that personal—not professional—relationships are what matter.

Only promote on seniority then it’s time and not effort that employees should worry about. But if you promote based on performance and finding the right person for the job your employees will work hard to become the person you need; whether that’s being a team player or the most productive.

So if you’re in the position to promote, remember actions really do speak louder than words.

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