Dual Citizenship HomeNot sure if you should stick it out here in the United States or head for another country? How about a house where you can do both. There is a large building for sale built in 1782 with thick granite walls, 1950’s decor and 24 hour armed guards provided by both the U.S. and Canada. The house, which has been converted into five apartments straddles the border between Vermont and Quebec, Canada. It’s on the market for just over $100,000 and needs about $600,000 in renovations. But it’s the whole border thing that’s proving to be a struggle for the sellers. The house has doors that exit into both countries and since nine eleven, security has made things a bit more difficult. There is a border patrol for U.S. and Canada in view of the house and agents from both sides allow the home owners to move about as they wish because they know who lives there. Something the new owner will have to get used to. It’s not often you need a passport to get into your own yard.